The Dixie Gambit


I’m including this one only because my eldest son Conrad will never forgive me if I left it out. The Dixie Gambit was by far and away my least favorite FASA Trek cover. Why? There are too many reasons to reel them all off but A) the crewmen are not my best work involving the human figure and B) my first (and rejected) cover design was ever so much cooler, featuring Uhura dolled up in Klingon armor and doing her best “Dirty Harriet” while aiming a disruptor at an unseen target.

(‘Did I fire four phaser bolts or five? Go ahead – make my light-year”)

Technical specifications: Ditto as with the previous covers. Once I got comfortable with that mixed airbrush/paintbrush technique I stayed with it because it worked so well.

4 thoughts on “The Dixie Gambit

  1. Unfortunately we’ve moved no less than five times since I made that sketch in 1986. through all that turbulence I managed to keep all my household goods together…until our most recent move into this place. I was battling pneumonia while friends, family and congregation members shuttled boxes and furniture but unfortunately stuff was lost or mislaid. Every once and awhile a truant container shows up but the carton holding all the sketches I did for FASA and GDW during the 1980s is still AWOL…but as I think of it a recreation of that Dixie Gambit/Uhura sketch might not be a bad idea!

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