Walter Mitty as Starship Captain

Walter Mitty as Starship Captain

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I posed for the cover painting of “One Doomsday Deserves Another” so when I found this image earlier today I felt compelled to post it.

As mentioned Lori made the uniform and because I used it for several of the FASA Trek covers I was able to deduct the expenses involved as a business expense. It was a BIG deduction too – Lori is a reluctant seamstress but when she does sew, she does a professional job and expects to use professional materials. This was made of a very nice wool which made it drape nicely. It also happened to be the only cloth in this specific shade of red in the state of Utah – and it wasn’t cheap.

I got all the hardware at LA CON II – while this was long before Trek popularity peaked and props became affordable I didn’t go broke getting this stuff. I think the fact that I was at a major convention helped. Sometimes at the smaller ones you aren’t so lucky.

Two other comments/notes: this was shot in late winter but the Doomsday cover was done in July. It was not uncommon for me to shoot a lot of “scrap” ( reference photos) on spec at the time – any poses that I thought I might need or just looked cool. This was back when I used a Pentax K-1000 shooting film and you had at least 24 exposures per roll to use up at a time. One of the local developers worked a sweetheart deal with me where they’d load up cassettes with 8-10 exposures on the roll but in the end it was a money-loser for both of us. I’d also shoot Polaroids for any areas where the 35mm stuff didn’t work out – or if I had to slightly modify the pose after the client saw the sketch.

A lot of times I would shoot slide film and then start my overlays by projecting the slide/photo right on the wall of the studio. I also had a small rear-projection screen that I would sometimes set up just to the side of my drawing table. Every so often I’d end up in a situation where time or budget kept me from getting prints made of the scrap I shot so I’d just use the image on the rear-projection screen for reference.

I kept this uniform for about ten years, going through a number of Trek paintings and a couple of Halloweens. Finally in the mid-nineties I passed it down to my son Conrad when the jacket could no longer accommodate my ever-increasing Shaternesque physique.

2 thoughts on “Walter Mitty as Starship Captain

  1. Reblogged this on David R. Deitrick, Designer and commented:

    This image brings to mind a meme I saw on Facebook – the one about “Remember when you were younger and thought you were so fat only you wished you looked that way now?” Well, this is one of those pictures – it was 1985 and I was constantly dieting and working out, trying to shed that illusive last twenty pounds…

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