“Undigtital” Weekend

I hate saying this but  I have grown very accustomed to living in the on-line world. Along with a little over 5700 other people in Clarksville we lost our Internet service for about 18 hours this weekend and I was not very happy about it.  What’s more – our ISP also handles our land-line telephone service; had we not also had cell-phones we would have been totally cut off. We have no cable TV and never got around to getting a HDTV adapter so if this outage would have been part of some attack we would have been totally dependent on what we could glean from the local radio stations which was more than enough to drive this former battalion S2 nuts. I was ready to send my grandson out on a recon to make sure the perimeter was tight.

Yep, being in the dark like that can make you a little crazy. 

We’re making some changes and providing for some sort of back-up if this were to happen again, but I am still uneasy about the fact that the loss of connectivity bothered us as much as it did.

2 thoughts on ““Undigtital” Weekend

  1. I thought about you guys when I heard that had happened. It’s amazing how reliant we all are on constant connectivity. Glad you’re back online!

  2. I try to go undigital every weekend, and I do okay about it. You feel so nervous at first, but then it is wonderfully freeing.

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