Years Ending with Four

I held off starting a blog for quite a long time. I didn’t want to smear my personal journal entries all over the internet, but as time went by and some of my Facebook posts got longer and more complex it became clear that I needed to take the digital plunge. I am still a little out of step as far as a production schedule goes but that will improve. I just need to learn that not every blog post needs to be a magnum opus.

This post surely isn’t. The first thing I thought of today was a guy named Doug Boardman and how on July 7th 1977 I came to be sitting at the bus stop at North Fort Lewis and thinking “Doug Boardman, what do you think now? Doug was a thirty-something guy I worked with while a missionary in Skowhegan Maine in the winter of 1975 and he was obsessed in a quiet way with numbers, especially the number seven. He was convinced that the world would end on July 7th, 1977 and when I asked him what he’d do if nothing happened he kind of blinked and said “ I’ll be really surprised!”

Hence my ruminations while waiting for an Army bus two years and five months later.

To be honest I look for numerical patterns in dates myself. I had a professor who shaved off his mustache in 1978 because he “got married in a year with an eight in it”. I wasn’t too sure that he meant by that statement, but it started thinking and I found there were trends with certain years and years in my life as well – that is until the “New Millennium” when everything in my life was turned fourth-point-of-contact over tea-kettle. Years ending with “3” were a combination  of chaos and growth while years ending with a “6” were usually very enjoyable: Lori and I got engaged in 1976, my gaming illustration career took off in 1986 and the graph for both my freelance and professorial careers took a sharp turn upwards in 1996 as well).

On the other hand years that end with a “4” are usually pretty bleak.

So, what am I to think now that I am standing on the threshold of 2014? Well, for one thing I have discovered that I have moderate dyscalculia (dyslexia with numbers) and that fact alone may put paid to the whole number/year pattern.   The year might very well be terrible as “4-years” have in the past, but this time around I think I am going to try and keep my outlook as upbeat as possible despite what happens around me. I know that sounds easy at the outset of the year but I think starting out with an upbeat frame of mind might soften the usual situational slings and arrows.

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