YAH-64 Airbrush Rendering

YAH-64 Airbrush Rendering

While waiting for the outcome of my medical grounding at flight school I spent my time working at the U.S. Army Aviation Digest. I was blessed with a wonderful boss in Dick Tierney the editor there; he knew the strain I was under “waiting for the executioner” so he was pretty flexible with my duties.

I’ve always loved aircraft profiles and while I was at the Digest I had the time and resources to try my hand at that very exacting form of illustration. I chose the prototype for the AH-64 Apache ( you can see some differences) but for some reason they didn’t want me to show the entire aircraft.

I had to leave the original art when I left the Digest when I found out that as a commissioned officer everything I had created while I was there was technically government property. As I had a good image of this piece I gave it up as a diversion while I snuck out the back door with the Cobra Up-date art.

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