New Work: Cut-Paper S*T*R*I*P*E*

New Work: Cut-Paper S*T*R*I*P*E*

Well let me see: it’s the 9th of December, and this piece is project #1 for the month of November. Yep, I’m tracking right on schedule….

When you compare this image with the sketch I posted a couple of days ago you’ll notice a number of changes. I’m usually strict about carefully following the design brief and sketch but as the client is…well, me I don’t have to be quite as strict.

In the process of constructing this piece it has become evident that the figure of StarGirl is going to have to be enlarged – she’d end up visually overwhelmed. Luckily with computers and copiers that enlarging is not a problem – in fact it will be a blessing as it will give me a change to refine StarGirl’s facial features.

Still undecided about the background -weighing the benefits of a dummied-up comic covers vs. restrictions on display once I’ve done something like that. The easy solution? DC buys the image from me for a trade-paperback cover.

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