Favorite Music: I Know A Place Petula Clark

At this point my all-time favorite 10 song list is looking kind of – well “porous”. The obsessive-compulsive left-side of my brain wants to keep those lists trim and inviolate – but then another un-listed treasured tune pops up on my MP3 player. ” I Know A Place” is one of Petula Clark’s marvelous run of Tony Hatch-penned pop songs takes up a neat chunk of that MP3 player’s memory.

I’ve had this weakness for dark-eyed blondes since seeing Shirley Jones in “Oklahoma!” when I was three, but Pet Clark could be sporting Elton John windshield wiper glasses and a Day-Glo Mo-Hawk ala Pink and I’d still love her. Same for this song – “I Know A Place” was the very first 45 rpm record I ever bought. I sent a very-hard-to-come-by-for-the-time dollar bill to Shimek’s Music in Anchorage along with a scrawled note and one week later I got my record which then stayed on the record player playing nonstop for the next week.

(Outside of church we rarely made those 11 miles into Soldotna those first couple years on the ranch so ordering from a city 138 miles away got quicker results.)

Why do I like her music? Catchy tune, a stronger tempo that most non-rock songs of that time, happy message, beautiful voice – but mostly it is a gut reaction. The planet Saturn could be on a collision course with the earth but if I have a Petula Song clark on my headset everything’s going to be OK…

It runs in the family as well. My kids – especially Meghan – have a fondness and knowledge of Petula Clark that 99% of the under 50 population of the US lack.

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