Music: Barangril

The order that I posted “favorite songs” the other day wasn’t exactly in any sort of ranking – but it was close. Reasons for Waiting is definitely right up there. Barangril is too.

Let me establish right now that I liked Joni Mitchel before Court and Spark, but I somehow missed out on Barangril at first, finding it by accident three years after it was released on For The Roses . One day in the fall of 1975 while I was filling up a cassette tape one prep day  afternoon I ended up with a bit more tape than song, so on impulse I flipped on the FM radio and simultaneously gave the tuner dial a flip and  the record button a jab. It just happened to start taping about 30 seconds into Barangril – and I instantly loved that song. The trouble was the sound quality was not so good so I was unsure of the lyrics and when it ended they went right into another song and artist without giving out any sort of identification. It wasn’t until I went home the next summer that I found out the name of the song and bought the LP.

The mental snapshot I have when I hear Barangril is the view to the east from my bedroom in Littleton, Massachusetts in December of 1975. It was cold that year and the ice-fog often frosted the trees like the poganip did to the spruce trees back home. Our apartment was the second story of one of those rambling 19th century New England farmhouses that decorate calendars that are usually stacked ten high in the Logan airport gift shop – so there was already plenty of positive ju-ju for me….and when the sun would rise and peek through those frosted tree trunks and branches I would get a light show just a teeny bit less spectacular than I would get back home…

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