The Analoggers Strike Again!

The Analoggers Strike Again!

Well, not recently. This was done for my senior portfolio when I graduated from BYU in 1979.My three years there were not the happiest time in my academic career and it seemed like I was always “leading with my chin”. Since I was also enrolled in ROTC and due to go on active duty it shouldn’t have made that much of a difference…but it did.

During my last semester I really went all out to put together a great portfolio and this TV Guide mock-up was the centerpiece. I ended up redoing every illustration in my book that last semester. My only regret is this is the best copy I have, which is sad because this and “Solo Kill” won me awards in the student art show that year.

This was all done with cameras, copiers and hand-skills. For some reason I kept the clear acetate overlay and 13 years later (supposedly well into the digital age) I had underclassman asking to borrow it for their projects.

5 thoughts on “The Analoggers Strike Again!

  1. Just keep at it, using your agent to find you assignments your work deserves. You are an artist! With the gifts you were given to create what you’re inspired to do. Tell me I’m a dreamer, but I think it’s as simple as that.

  2. Oliver and I were watching old BSG on Netflix yesterday. He says he loves watching it with me because it’s the only violent thing I will let him watch… 😛

  3. Reblogged this on David R. Deitrick, Designer and commented:

    This week’s Saturday Morning Re-run: I found this post the other day while doing prep work for my “Cheap Tricks” book project and thought it was notable/repostable in that I made it exactly forty years ago during the Christmas break of my last year of undergraduate work. Staying immersed in work was a good way of dealing with the tension of the very imminent arrival of our first child Conrad – who started his run-in to the natal drop zone during the 31 December 1978 episode of Battlestar Galactica.

  4. I’m afraid I know lamentably little about the techniques used in producing something like this, so I can only say ‘I like it’. I admire grahic art, I think the more because I am so far from being able to achieve anything of this precision.

  5. I entered the illustration market more than a decade before the digital revolution so pictures like this one were created by what is quaintly referred to now as “hand skills”. I started out by drawing all the elements on tracing paper then transferring the images to illustration board. The color was sprayed on by airbrush (background & tunic), brushed on with ink/watercolor (face and shirt inset) or applied with permanent marker (hair & shoulders. I would finish up by refining details using Prismacolor pencils. I used this same mixed media technique for another decade albeit with a couple of refinements like substituting gouache for the pencils and using watercolor to establish detail before using my airbrush.

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