Benny Hill develops Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder.

I’ve been getting more clumsy as I get older, but I’m wondering if I’m watching my Benny Hill DVDs a little to often as well.  My life is beginning to resemble some of his antics – no, there is no bevy of nubile twenty-somethings running around in garter belts, but there is a slapstick aspect to my life that hasn’t always been there. For example, I had just walked into the room just off my studio which we alternately call “the toy-room” or ‘Sean’s bedroom” to get a box full of cards that I wanted to sort.

(For those who don’t know me that well I am constantly bouncing back and forth between right-brain artistry and left-brain structure. I like creating things but they have to be organized!”)

I had a fist-full of new cards that I wanted to sort into the box – but then all of a sudden I got concerned about the time (why I don’t know). I flipped over my wrist to look at my watch and in the process dumped the carefully organized cards out all over the floor.

What makes this so pathetic? I don’t wear a wristwatch.  For various reasons I use a pocket watch so turning my wrist over to check the time was totally pointless.

…and even more pathetic? I am secretly looking forward to alphabetizing all the cards again.

Help me.

Someone help me.


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