TNE Trilogy Covers: Comprehensive Sketches

TNE Trilogy Covers: Comprehensive Sketches

I make fairly precise comps, to the point that some of the more literal editors I’ve encountered will assume that the final art will “have all those black lines.” Luckily that wasn’t an issue with this project because the art director was Kirk Wescom, one of the best ADs I’ve ever worked with.

(How good is Kirk? When you look in the dictionary for “art director” you’ll find his picture next to the citation.)

…and the only change he requested was to change the background color to the teal shade I had specified for the first and third volumes.

2 thoughts on “TNE Trilogy Covers: Comprehensive Sketches

  1. Well thanks very much for the compliment Dave. These three paintings you did for these books were great and just looking at the last one makes me wish we were able to get that one published. – Kirk

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