Raid on Iran Cover Art

Raid on Iran Cover Art

Even though this was the sixth game cover I produced, it was one of the first to see print. I did a number of covers for Howard Thompson at Metagaming in early 1980 but for various reasons they were either delayed or never saw print…which is disappointing. Howard assigned art as “work-for-hire” and kept all the originals–and I was not consistent at first about documenting my work.

This shows that “movie poster” influence that I came out of undergraduate studies with. It was no accident that the M60 was part of the composition–I was a platoon leader at the time; during the week I was painting this at night but I was with my machine gunners qualifying at the range during day… and I wasn’t going to waste good reference!

5 thoughts on “Raid on Iran Cover Art

  1. I agree. Somewhere I got stuck on the idea that I had to be Don Maitz and be able to do everything with a brush. I’m slowly finding my way back though. The three IDW Star Trek WOK covers all relied on airbrush work to a large extent.

  2. You also used a lot more red and orange back then (Aslan, Solo Kill, Raid on Iran, Car Wars, probably others), and it always looked so good.

    Your Bridge Too Far piece was also movie posterish, and it’s incredibly good too.

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