Illustration War Story Part 2

Illustration War Story Part 2

I started work on the Car Wars: “Something-something from Hell” cover illustration as soon as I got home from San Diego – in fact I don’t even think I unpacked before heading to the studio to start the preliminaries: collecting scrap, cutting Masonite and checking paints and brushes. I was particularly stressed because between TOR’s deadline and a convention we were scheduled to attend I only had a week to complete the painting. Actually, just short of a week because I had to have the painting shot so I could send a 4″X5″ transparency (with color bar and grey scale) via FEDEX to New York.

Lucky for me my marvelous wife is an outstanding artist in her own right so she was able to spell me – and correct mistakes. We finished the painting on time and got the transparency sent off, then framed the original art and traipsed off to an enjoyable weekend at the convention. We still had that post-con buzz going when we got home and ran through the messages on the answering machine.

About half-way through was a message from TOR. No big deal – probably just telling us that the transparency got there OK. No -it WAS a big deal. There was a “serious problem” with the painting and they had to talk to me the first thing Monday morning.

Buzz-kill to kill all buzz-kills. I was speechless. I had just produced the best female portrait of my career to date. Great little action scene on in the vignette at the bottom. Great presentation of the book’s genre and theme. Lori and I actually got out a magnifying class and went over the entire panel but could not find “the serious problem” to save our lives.

(Finished art above)

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