“Project X” Amazon review

Project X

True confessions: I bought this video after trying in vain to find a copy on Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/Amazon Prime. I have been going nuts since 1970 trying to find out how this movie ended.

I saw the first half of “Project X” in November of 1970. Why didn’t I see the second half? I had told my folks I was going to be hanging out with friends that night – but conveniently forgot to tell them the friend was named Peggy (insert sigh here). In order to get her in home in time – for me to get home in time – we had to leave the Kambe theater early – but my carefully devised duplicity all came to naught when I got my dad’s Maverick stuck in the snow and busted curfew anyway.

Through the pre-video years that followed that first interrupted viewing I would search late-night movie listings for this show, eventually forgetting the name and most of the plot line other than it starred Christopher George. Then the Internet struck. Thank Wikipedia for helping me find the name of the show listed under Mr. George’s entry. Thank Amazon Video for finally providing me the chance to see how the story ended.

Is this great cinema? No. I wanted to see/purchase this video mostly out of nostalgia sake, but I find that I like it for the same reason I love the 1966 Adam West version of Batman. (It may be campy but it would be nice to live in a world where a flabby middle-aged man in tights is considered attractive and no one really gets hurt.) “Project X” is “happy” entertainment but then what else would you expect out of one of Hanna-Barbera’s very few live-action ventures? We live in a time when domestic and foreign terrorism scares the ba-jeebers out of all of us…and robs too many of us (and sadly our children) of a decent future.

This is escapist entertainment. It’s nice to check out for an hour and half and watch SGT Troy run around with a fabric-covered bowl on his head trying to pass as a “Sinoese” peasant. This is better 60s escapist fare than most with equivalent budgets. There is the obligatory 60’s flashing-color psychedelic scene but the setting actually has some internal logic and the show does have a plot you can follow, flimsy as it may be. I think my only beef is with the really dopey clear-plastic helmets the security officers wear.

Yes, this is chewing gum for your eyes – but at least it’s Hubba-Bubba.

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